Popricot Hazy Apricot IPA 5.7% 440ml Cans

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Popricot By The Horns x Jiddler's Tipple Collab - Haze Apricot IPA

Popricot! What? I said Popricot! Yea that’s right. We made up a word for our new beer. What of it!?

This beer is a marriage of sweet, succulent apricots and a new hop developed by Yakima Chief called Pop! Hence Popricot - capiche? Expect bright, juicy stone fruit from the hops and apricots coupled with a beautiful soft pillowy mouthfeel from the oats and wheat we’ve chocked it full of. Fruity and refreshing, this is the perfect summer chug - enjoy!

This beer came about through a mutual love of fruity hazy IPAs from By the Horns and Jiddler’s Tipple. Here’s to the summer of 21’!