Artisan Panettone Christmas Gift

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Contains 2 x 440ml Panettone Stout and 1 x 500g Artisan Panettone Stout Infused Panettone.


We have made a limited number of Panettone INFUSED WITH FESTIVE PANETTONE PASTRY STOUT. These delicious small-batch Panettone are made by a craft producer Cem K Altinsoy (check out on instagram to see his yummy creations). 

Amongst other things, the Panettone are packed with raisins and sultanas (SOAKED IN OUR PANETTONE STOUT!), AOP French butter, Free range egg yolks, honey and candied orange and mandarin.

Cem has been mastering his craft for over 10 years. Along with Panettone Cem makes Mortedella, Kouglofs, Brioche, croissant and much more. The Panettone are made in small batches of 40 at a time and take 4 days to complete.

I can vouch for these Panettone having managed to devour one myself very easily in about 15 minutes >.< They are best served with a glass of Panettone Stout for dipping (it's so wrong but so right!).

We will be dispatching these w/c 13th Dec so they arrive in time for Christmas.

They are not appropriate for vegans people with gluten intolerance.