What's it all about?


A bit of background...

My name is Jacob Liddle (The Jiddler) and this is my tipple! I have been home brewing for years in Turnpike Lane, North London. I launched Jiddler's Tipple in October 2019 with the aim of creating perfectly balanced, delicious, session strength (3.8%) craft beer.

Since 2019 I have been working with a brewery in South London (By The Horns) to help scale up my homebrew operation.


About Jiddler's Tipple

I make award-winning, carbon positive, sessionable, lower abv beers. I want my beers to be accessible to everyone, so they're always brewed with flavour and balance in mind. My beers are also dressed in personally selected vintage shirt patterns. This means they’re as easy on the eyes as they are on the taste buds!


Why Vintage Shirts?

When creating the labels I was wondering what to use for the design. Then it clicked - I have a wardrobe full of awesome designs! In this way, Jiddler's Tipple is a marriage of two of my greatest passions in life - beer and vintage treasures (shirts)!  


Why Tipple?

Tipple is an old English word for an alcoholic beverage. The dictionary definition is, "drink alcohol, especially habitually". Now I certainly wouldn't want to condone habitual drinking. However, if you are going to enjoy a few beers it does make it easier if they are lower in %. 

Also, let's be honest, Jiddler's Tipple just rolls of the tongue very nicely!

I do hope you enjoy the tipple - cheers! 🍻



If you want to find out a bit more about the brand here are some articles:





Alice Moorhouse - Operations Manager

"Following a (fairly long stint) in the world of luxury travel, both within Sales and Operations, I ventured out to explore another of my loves - craft beer. I'm really lucky to be joining Jiddler's Tipple at such an exciting time in the company. I love finding new beers and experimenting in the kitchen - oh, and walking my dog!"

Favourite Jiddler's Tipple beer?
Summer Chug Hazy Apricot IPA

Favourite beer snack?
Chicken wings

Hobbies outside of work?
Skiing, cooking, travel, beer(!)


Other team members - Chas (Chazza if you know him well), Head of HR

After a brief career as a professional athlete, Chaz decided to play on his natural ability to relate to people.

Chaz has been picking up the ropes quickly. Along with managing payroll and career development, he's also started a Jiddler's Tipple walking club every morning and afternoon. Here's a short bio.

Favourite beer?
Bog Standard Lager

Favourite beer snack?
Chicken feet

Hobbies outside of work?
Stealing food, chasing squeaky balls, sleeping

Thanks to Norfolk Greyhound Rescue for helping us grow the Jiddler's Tipple team 🙏


Other team members - Lauren, Head of Packaging and Logistics

This is our trusted labeller Lauren. She's been nominated for employee of the month! 🏆 As well as being the best darn labeller in the whole of Turnpike Lane she also doubles as a delivery scooter-er, photographer, taster and morale booster 🧗‍♂️ Thanks for all your help Lauren!


Other team members (Alumni) - Ballyglen Duke, ex-Head of HR

Duke worked for us from 2019 to 2021. 

Duke decided to take a career change from a professional racer. In his spare time he enjoyed long walks, poetry and farting 💨